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Road Trips from Slidell: Exploring the Scenic Beauty Beyond

Posted on 26 Dec, 2020 at 12:00 am - by Alex Dormer


While Slidell, Louisiana, has its fair share of attractions, there's a whole world of scenic beauty waiting to be explored beyond the city limits. If you're up for an adventure, hit the road and embark on unforgettable road trips from Slidell. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the best road trips that will take you to charming towns, picturesque landscapes, and hidden gems just a short drive away from Slidell.

Covington and Mandeville

Located just a stone's throw away from Slidell, the towns of Covington and Mandeville offer a perfect escape into a world of small-town charm and natural beauty.

Downtown Covington

Start your road trip in Covington, where you can explore the picturesque downtown area. Stroll along Columbia Street, lined with historic buildings housing unique shops, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Covington Trailhead, a vibrant community space hosting regular farmers markets and events.

Fontainebleau State Park

From Covington, make your way to Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville. This state park is a nature lover's paradise, offering scenic hiking and biking trails that wind through moss-draped oaks and alongside Lake Pontchartrain. Spend a day picnicking by the water, fishing, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the park.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Just a short drive east of Slidell lies the charming coastal town of Bay St. Louis in Mississippi. Known for its beautiful beaches, historic downtown area, and vibrant art scene, Bay St. Louis is a hidden gem worth exploring.

Old Town Bay St. Louis

Begin your adventure in the historic Old Town area of Bay St. Louis. Take a leisurely walk along the beachfront promenade, lined with art galleries, boutiques, and quaint cafes. Explore the charming streets filled with colorful cottages and Victorian-era homes, each with its own unique character.

Hancock County Welcome Center

Make a stop at the Hancock County Welcome Center to gather information about the area and learn more about the town's history. The center offers exhibits, maps, and friendly staff who can provide recommendations for local attractions and dining options.

Breaux Bridge and Lafayette

If you're looking to experience the unique culture and vibrant music scene of Louisiana, a road trip to Breaux Bridge and Lafayette is a must.

Breaux Bridge

Known as the "Crawfish Capital of the World," Breaux Bridge is a small town that exudes Cajun charm. Explore the downtown area, filled with antique shops and art galleries. Indulge in traditional Cajun cuisine, and don't miss the opportunity to visit the nearby Lake Martin Wildlife Refuge, where you can spot alligators, herons, and other native wildlife.


Continue your road trip to Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country. Immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene by visiting local venues that offer live performances of Cajun and zydeco music. Explore the Acadian Village, an open-air museum that showcases historic homes and buildings, giving you a glimpse into the area's Cajun heritage.


Slidell, Louisiana, serves as an excellent starting point for memorable road trips to explore the scenic beauty and unique towns in the surrounding areas. Whether you're craving small-town charm, coastal vibes, or Cajun culture, there's a road trip from Slidell that will fulfill your desires. So, buckle up, hit the open road, and get ready to uncover the hidden gems waiting to be discovered beyond Slidell.

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